A Fair Tax Platform

You and your family pay taxes each year, so why are companies like Amazon and Walmart paying 0% in taxes while their trucks use our public infrastructure and their workers rely on federal benefits to survive? On top of that, 2018 was the first year the top 400 individual earners in this country paid less in taxes than the middle class. Our campaign will fight to change the federal tax code so that large corporations stop draining federal resources and begin paying their fair share in taxes.


Quietly, Wall Street speculators are using computer programs to make lightning fast transactions that destabilize our financial system. Our campaign will introduce a speculative trading tax to these types of transactions on Wall Street.


By introducing fair tax policies that level the playing field and target risky behavior, our campaign will secure the funding necessary to implement every one of these platform proposals to protect working class Americans while combatting the national debt. Under our platform, individuals making up to $250,000 and couples making up to $500,000 jointly would see an increase in their annual disposable income and would benefit from our campaign's objectives of eliminating electricity bills by 2035, letting you access any doctor you want and eliminating medical debt and all health insurance premiums, copays, and deductibles by 2025 and providing healthy school meals and a complete education from pre-k through 4-year public college or trade school to all students from 2022 onward. 

Universal Doctor Program (UDOP)

Americans deserve the security and stability of knowing they can visit any doctor they want without going bankrupt in the process. The current Affordable Care Act-led system will cost $50+ trillion in the next 10 years while leaving millions of Americans un-insured or underinsured. Our campaign will push for a fiscally responsible strategy to address the current healthcare crisis.


We will pass the Universal Doctor Program, or UDOP, which will allow Americans to visit to any doctor they want while addressing our nation's debt by cutting government spending on healthcare by 20% over the next 10 years from current projections of $50 trillion down to $30-40 trillion. The simple solution involves expanding Medicare to include dental care, live-in care, hearing aids, and eye care - and then enrolling all Americans in this program by 2025. This single payer system will eliminate all premiums, co-pays, lab fees, and deductibles while letting Americans visit any doctor they want. No more out of network expenses or dealing with rejected claims from the insurance companies. Under this program, VA benefits remain fully funded as a separate program and private insurance will still exist to provide optional coverage for cosmetic medical procedures but UDOP will cover all medically necessary services. In the richest nation on earth, you deserve a healthy, safe, and secure life.

National Security

When the United States was faced with the threat of terrorism, we and our allies around the globe responded with strength, unity and resolve. Unfortunately, since 2001, more than $6 trillion have been spent on the War on Terror and more than half a million people have died in what has come to be referred to as an endless war. It's time our foreign policy focused on building allies and security through cooperation around shared challenges, not dropping bombs because of our differences. Fortunately, we are standing at a pivotal moment in history and America has the chance to once again lead the world towards a more peaceful and democratic future. Extreme events such as flooding, droughts, and heatwaves are occurring with increased frequency around the globe - destabilizing many small nations and costing governments billions annually in recovery costs. Migration away from these unstable regions has already begun and the trend will continue to intensify. These are the real national security threats we must unite to address. Instead of building walls, our campaign will advocate a smart foreign policy using the nation's vast financial resources to support strategic aid programs in these countries so that migrants do not need to leave their homes in the first place. For those already in the country who cannot return home because of unsafe conditions, we support a pathway to citizenship. We will also rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and renegotiate it to be more aggressive so that our farmers, coastal residents and low-laying cities can adapt to and mitigate future extreme weather events.

Affordable Housing

Bucks County's economy has been growing at a pace far ahead of the state-wide average for many years which has led to a boom in housing prices. While this has been beneficial for many, the area's population is aging, resulting in an affordable housing crisis for our retiring seniors and young people. Our campaign will pursue a vigorous revitalization program focused on converting and rehabilitating existing commercial structures to better accommodate the rental needs of our seniors and youth. Instead of destroying our natural green spaces with new developments that may not meet the long term needs of the community, we will advocate a sustainable path that balances community building, improving quality of life, increasing affordability and ending housing discrimination. 

Equal Rights Amendment

Our campaign is committed to liberty and justice for all. For too long women and minorities have been paid inadequately for their work while also being worn down by discriminatory practices. Our campaign supports efforts to pass an Equal Rights Amendment  that guarantees equal pay for equal work, ends workplace discrimination, recognizes the needs of LGBTQ+ communities, and embeds a woman's right to choose into our nation's Constitution. Freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are cornerstones of the Declaration of Independence. Our campaign will re-affirm America's commitment to these values for all people.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Software for filing taxes, self-check out at the grocery store, financial trading algorithms, and robotic stocking and manufacturing lines are just a few everyday examples of automation and artificial intelligence beginning to chip away at both blue and white collar American jobs. The Brookings Institute put out a report saying that up to 25% of jobs in the US economy have high exposure to automation and AI. Sectors like trucking and transportation, as well as accounting, insurance, and manufacturing will be the hardest hit. Our campaign's Fair Tax Platform is built on the idea that every American deserves a basic level of stability and security no matter what the future brings.


This is why our Fair Tax Platform takes an aggressive yet fiscally responsible approach to raise wages to $15 per hour, to increase union bargaining power, to introduce a new job placement program, to demand corporations provide stock options to employees who lose their jobs from automation, to reform our public Pre-K through college education system, to implement the Universal Doctor Access Program (UDAP), and to protect our planet by providing safe, clean energy to all by 2035. Workers displaced by a changing economy will have their basic needs met while also receiving access to extensive retraining initiatives and career placement services through the Jobs on Sustainable Human Activities (JOSHUA) Program. The JOSHUA Program will be part of a $1 trillion 5 year package to create 13 million jobs to rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure and protect its vast natural resources. Every single one of these programs can be responsibly funded while increasing annual disposable income for individuals making under $250,000 and couples making under $500,000.

Electricity for All Program

America's energy system is outdated. Our campaign advocates a fiscally responsible strategy to rapidly transition our economy towards renewable energy. We envision a 10-year renewable energy program that eliminates your electricity bill at the end of that decade and liberates every American from their electric utility company by 2035. Coal, oil, and gas workers displaced by this transition would be automatically enrolled in the JOSHUA (Jobs on Sustainable Human Activities) Program and given priority placement in the clean energy industry.


How would it all work? The average solar or wind project pays for itself in 10 years or less. This return on investment is guaranteed since the presence of the sun and wind is nearly constant and predictable. The Electricity for All Program creates a public utility to compete with the private sector by providing homeowners with low-interest financing exclusively for residential and community solar, wind, or geothermal projects. Every federal dollar spent on this program would be paid back by 2035 - rapidly modernizing and decarbonizing our energy system without adding to the federal debt.

Pre-K through G16 Education 

Whether your dream is to be a teacher, a scientist, an expert craft-person, an artist, or an entrepreneur, you are most valuable to society when you have access to educational resources that help you accomplish your dreams. For working class families who can't afford extensive child care prior to kindergarten, starting a family can be incredibly stressful. Studies show the investments made in your child by age 5 can determine their competitiveness with peers for years to come. To combat this, many couples sacrifice one person's income instead of paying for child care. Our campaign believes having a child should not cost you your career and that all Americans deserve access to a complete education. Our Fair Tax Platform pays for universal pre-kindergarten, for extensive reinvestments in our public schools, for increasing public teacher salaries to a minimum of $60,000, for the expansion of access to healthy school meal programs and after school activities, for eliminating student debt and for making the first 4 years of public colleges and trade schools debt free (G16). 

Ending the Opioid Epidemic

Bucks and Montgomery counties have been heavily hit by the national opioid epidemic. Our community health centers and emergency responders are on the front lines of this tragedy - and it is time we aggressively pursue justice for those impacted by the system's failure. Our campaign believes the pharmaceutical companies that misled doctors and patients with these pain medications must be brought to justice by our court system. Furthermore, we must expand investments in community health centers while ensuring emergency responders have the tools they need to save as many lives as possible. 


Replacing these deadly medications with safe and effective alternatives must also be a focus. More than 30 states are exploring medical marijuana as a tool for combatting this crisis but its status as a Schedule 1 drug at the federal level prevents widespread scientific research from occurring. The truth is that on the average day, 130 Americans die from opioids and 0 die from existing medical marijuana programs. Our campaign believes in reclassifying marijuana's status at the federal level to accelerate scientific research on its medical benefits as a replacement for opioids. We also support full decriminalization. Lives are on the line and we are committed to exploring all possible solutions to this epidemic.

Strengthening Our Democracy

Once a politician is elected to the US House of Representatives or Senate, they have no term limits and can accept infinite donations from super PACs. Over time, this has resulted in the voices of the powerful few severely outweighing the common sense requests of the many. Our campaign is committed to reforming this corrupt campaign finance system and instituting term limits on members of the House and Senate. While some members of the House have been re-elected for over 20 years, this campaign is committed to keeping our democracy fresh and representative of actual communities. Skylar promises to serve a maximum of 5 terms (10 years) in the House and to refuse PAC money throughout that time. This is a grassroots campaign focused on common sense issues that unite each and every one of us.  

Fight for $15 and Worker Protections

In 1950, CEOs made 20 times as much as the average worker. In 2019, CEOs make 361 times more than the average worker. To combat this rampant greed, our campaign will introduce a corporate tax directly on companies that pay their CEOs more than 50 times as much as their average hire. Together, we will end "Right to Work" laws. Every worker deserves a living wage and no one should need to work more than 40 hours per week for a decent standard of living in the wealthiest nation in history. Our campaign will fight for a $15 minimum wage, paid family and sick leave, union protections, strengthening social security and a jobs guarantee. As automation threatens jobs in specific industries, the JOSHUA program will be expanded from its initial focus on the Electricity for All Program to include retraining and up-skilling workers from all industries for the sustainable jobs of tomorrow.  

Israel and Palestine

Our campaign believes in a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel remains one of our more important allies in the Middle East and we must encourage their democracy to become more inclusive through diplomatic negotiations, not reactionary politics like the BDS movement. That said, while moving the US embassy to Jerusalem was perhaps the correct long-term move, it was done in an abrupt manner that could incite further violence and instability in the region. We must use our available leverage to encourage a return to peace negotiations on both sides. 

Common Sense Gun Safety

Domestic gun violence has killed more Americans than terrorism in the past 20 years. Respecting our 2nd Amendment while protecting our schools and public spaces can be accomplished through smart regulations. Consider that countries like Switzerland have 4 guns per person and in an average year, no mass shootings. There are lessons we can learn on how to improve American gun policy. Our campaign is committed to protecting your legal right to bear arms while removing weapons of war from American streets. We will fight for common sense solutions including universal background checks, required training hours for new gun owners so that everyone with a gun knows how to use it safely, closing the gun show loophole, expanding access to mental health services, and instituting a federal buy-back program targeting automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. Together, we can make our schools and communities safer while preserving the heritage of Bucks and Montgomery county hunters.

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