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Together our Fair Tax Policy can bring new hope to America in 2020.
There are many ways to support our campaign, from making small donations, to walking door to door and hosting fundraising events. Let us know how you can help:

This campaign only succeeds if we all work together to demand real change. From knocking on doors and hosting canvassing events, to sending texts and making phone calls - there are many ways your time as a volunteer can transform our country's future. Email and let us know how you'd like to help!


Hosting a house party is one of the most effective ways to engage your neighbors. Our campaign can attend dozens of events, but there is a unique authenticity to you hosting an event with neighbors. Email to set up a house party to unite PA-01 for a Fair Tax Platform that benefits everyday Americans.


Our campaign relies on small contributions from individuals like you to make this campaign a success. We do not accept any funding from PACs. Every dollar you donate will fight against the corrupt campaign finance system that currently plagues Washington. Make a donation today to help us get big money out of politics!

Join our movement by volunteering today!


Donate through ActBlue or make checks payable to:

Skylar for Congress

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