Warning to Congressional Democrats on the Coronavirus Economic Recovery Plan

NEW HOPE, PA, March 19, 2020 - Last week, as the economy began crumbling, $2.2 trillion were injected into large corporations to stabilize them with no questions asked. Well, the economy is still falling off a cliff.

$2.2 trillion is the equivalent of giving every American $6700, no questions asked.

Now, Trump is preparing to send every American adult a cash check. For the record:


It costs only $327 billion to send $1000 to EVERY AMERICAN, not just adults.

It costs only $654 billion to send $2000 to every American.


I repeat, $2.2 trillion - the equivalent of sending every American $6700 - was handed to corporate America with no questions asked last week.


If Democrats want any hope of avoiding landslide losses in November, Speaker Pelosi must come out supporting these cash payments but more importantly, the message must be that Trump's cash payments aren't enough - that the payments should be larger, and the benefits more extensive.


Democrats - and in particular Speaker Pelosi - must not delay immediate cash relief to hardworking independent contractors and small business owners over finding the perfect equation for how to apportion payments. People need relief now.  


Put simply, no one cares about means testing individual pennies from a penny jar when an entire $2.2 trillion penny jar was just handed to corporations with no discussion last week.


This is the party's wake up call to answer the question, are people worth as much as corporations?

Speaker Pelosi and Democrats must answer with a resounding, "yes, you are worth far more than corporations."

Get behind these cash payments for all. Make them larger. Declare healthcare a human right. Own the solution right now. Promise universal healthcare - tell people that even after coronavirus, you should be able to get tested for any medical concerns without worrying about copays, deductibles, premiums or out of pocket expenses.


Embrace this populism and outflank Trump from the left or else Democrats will lose forthcoming elections in a landslide. Those are the only options.



Skylar D. Hurwitz

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