Conceding the 2020 Democratic PA-01 Primary


NEW HOPE, PA, June 9th, 2020 - This was an unprecedented pandemic election cycle. Even still, in a country where million-dollar campaigns are becoming the norm and in a district that was one of the most expensive in 2018, we spent less than $19,000 and secured at least 19,780 votes amounting to more than 22% of the vote total. Together, through the efforts of dozens of passionate volunteers organizing for real change, we have laid the foundation for a new type of organizing here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Thank you to everyone who made this possible - we are just getting started.


While this work to build a better system continues, we must also recognize the realities we currently face as a community, and as a nation. A butchered COVID-19 response has killed over a hundred thousand Americans and the President is threatening martial law in response to African Americans exercising first amendment rights. Members of the media and legal observers are being arrested, tear gassed, and shot with rubber bullets in multiple cities across the country.


There are startling parallels between the current rise of fascism in the United States and what happened in pre-WWII Europe. I want to be clear: a militarized police state will not make us safer, only investments in more equitable schools, communities, and worker's rights can do that.


We face a very real and immediate threat, so my final two requests for all of you are that you vote to remove this administration and its enablers in November, then keep on organizing for structural changes beyond that. The number of uninsured Americans won't go away unless we organize to demand it. The climate crisis won't be addressed unless we organize to demand it. Mass incarceration won't stop unless we organize to demand it. The fact all of these issues impact our communities of color more won't go away unless we organize to demand structural changes. If left unaddressed, these wounds will fester over the coming years no matter who wins this November.


Having said all of that and in full recognition there are fundamental policy differences between myself and what won on the Democratic ticket at the polls this cycle, the removal of the Trump administration and its enablers is a requirement for any of these other priorities to move forward.


Onward and forever in solidarity,

Skylar D. Hurwitz


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