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Skylar Hurwitz is a small business owner and conservationist born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in New Hope with his wife, Jacqueline and their dog Bali. Skylar's parents owned a small playground construction company that was forced out of business like so many other mom and pop shops because the trade deals of the 90s favored cheap foreign alternatives. This experience and his time as a business owner opened his eyes to the community level impacts of federal trade and tax policies.


Growing up, Skylar attended Pennsbury's Edgewood Elementary School and graduated from New Hope-Solebury Public High School prior to obtaining his B.A. specialized in Global Environmental Policy from American University. His time in DC provided key insights into what is broken in Washington - and underscored the real structural changes we must be bold enough to fight for if we want a habitable planet and a government that prioritizes American workers and families.


Skylar most recently founded a small technology consulting firm based in New Hope that provided services for a variety of clients, including the International Telecommunication Union. Prior to that, he spent three years on the front lines of the climate crisis managing a $40 million grant portfolio and doing extensive travel for Conservation International based in Arlington, Virginia. The program protected the most vulnerable biodiverse regions on Earth by building the project management and budgeting capacity of locals in those countries to manage operations self-sufficiently. Skylar also has experience directly on Capitol Hill briefly interning with Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of New York and then working full-time on solar and green infrastructure projects at the National Association of Regional Councils.

This campaign is about uniting for a Fair Tax Platform that protects our planet and provides a more secure future for every American. Together, we can provide all Americans with a baseline level of security and stability that makes our communities safer. 

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