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Bringing new hope to Pennsylvania's 1st Congressional District

Skylar Hurwitz is a technology consultant and environmentalist born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He split his youth equally between Yardley and New Hope-Solebury, worked in Washington, DC for nearly a decade, and has been running a small business in his hometown since 2018. His time in DC provided key insights into what is broken in Washington - and what must be done to fix the government so it starts working for everyday Americans again.


Skylar gained experience working directly on Capitol Hill briefly serving in the office of Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of New York and working on a SunShot initiative grant at the National Association of Regional Councils that focused on lowering the bureaucratic costs of solar installations.  Skylar then spent nearly three years managing a $30 million grant portfolio and doing extensive international travel for Conservation International in Arlington, Virginia. The program protected the most vulnerable biodiverse regions on Earth by building the capacity of locals in those countries to manage problems self-sufficiently. 

This campaign is about uniting for a Fair Tax Platform that protects our planet and provides a more secure future for every American. Every policy proposed by this campaign can be paid for in a way that increases the annual disposable income for individuals making $250,000 or less and couples making $500,000 or less. Together, we can provide all Americans with a baseline level of security and stability that makes our communities safer. 

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